This might be just what the world - and especially the legal sector - has been waiting for

What is design thinking?

Design thinking is a process for creative problem solving, with a focus on empathy for the user. It can be used to solve any problem. We love the method because it uses empathy as a catalyst for creativity and change. With design thinking, you can make sure you and your company have a positive impact on society or you can improve the wellbeing of your employees.

And what is legal design?

When design thinking is applied in the field of law, we talk about legal design. Basically, legal design is a tool to transform the legal sector and make it more user-friendly. The user can be anyone, like a client who needs advice, an overworked employee or an app user.

As an example, you can turn complex legal documents and contracts into something that your users/customers can easily understand. Or you can create a workplace where lawyers thrive. If you work with legal tech, adding the magic of legal design will make everything run more smoothly and users will love it.

Wanna learn more about legal design? We've gathered some info here.

Why should you care?

We know all know what it feels like to sign a contract we can't read, let alone understand. But what happens when you start designing for the user? Here are some miracles that can legal design can lead to:

  • Customers feel empowered, safe and respected.

  • Corporate transparency builds trust and attracts customers. 

  • Customers experience less or no anxiety when signing terms of conditions they understand.

  • If you are a lawyer, your relationship to your clients will improve.

  • Client acquisition is easier when you've learnt how to skip the legal jargon.

Why should you choose Gentle Rev?

Our Founder Viveca Fallenius is a legal design pioneer and studied design thinking at the prestigious at Stanford University in 2015. She has since then done a broad range of work such as designing new types of contracts, developed methods of client acquisition, organised legal design workshops and worked for the California Department of Justice. She leads workshops, acts as an advisor and takes on legal design projects directly.

And why do we care?

One of the reasons why we love design thinking is that it works best if you showcase empathy, listening skills, collaboration, creativity and a growth mindset. The skills we learn through the process are vital if we want to re-design our lives and our society. Once you've worked with design thinking, it may, through its own generative power, influence your life and business in many ways.

See Gentle Rev's specific offers below.



Rethinking the legal sector


A workshop on legal design including an educational introduction, inspring examples and exercises to get an understanding of the method and mindset.


Because the legal sector is currently transforming. With the tools of legal design, you'll be able to stay on top, develop relevant products and services and attract employees and clients.

For who?

Ideal for forward-looking law firms, law schools, legal departments and networks. Book a Legal Design Workshop to accelerate your transformation.


Get the tools to redesign your life and business


An inspirational workshop about a new way of finding solutions that actually work. You will learn the tools of design thinking to approach challenges in a radically different way and take action for the benefit of all. Designing for humanity.


Sweden is now committed to being a circular economy. It is a global trend. So much would benefit from being redesigned but we need the right mindset and tools. Design thinking comes in handy. It's a straight-forward process for designing relevant and meaningful solutions - that people can use and want to use.

For who?

Anyone hungry for impactful change! Companies, management groups, departments, organisations.. 


The goal? To help the reader understand a complex legal text


Gentle Rev can transform your legal documents into something lay people (your customer, user, supplier) actually understands. Tailor-made for your company.


Because you want to be transparent with the content of the text. Because you respect your users and want to empower them. Plus, regulations are starting to require companies to be transparent (just look at the GDPR). Consumers are starting to demand it too. Small print is so last season. Join the Gentle Rev(ulotion) towards corporate transparency and consumers' empowerment.

For who?

For companies and organisations that want to be transparent and empower their users. Especially relevant for legal tech, impact-driven companies and companies dealing with sensitive information about its customers.

Contact us to discuss your needs and we will propose a setup.


If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem


For whatever challenge you are facing, design thinking is a terrific tool for finding solutions. Gentle Rev acts as advisors in the process and guides you in finding the right tools to move forward in the right direction. 


Because there is an urgent need for a new design and you are part of the solution.

For who?

Ideal for companies wanting to make an impact when it comes to gender equality and work life balance. 


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