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Based on heavy empirical evidence in my life

For several years, I've had the privilege of sharing my insights with master students in the class Digital Lawyer at Bond University (Au.). 

Here are my three secrets, in a very short format.

1. Find meaning in you current workplace by focusing on meaningful things that make you happy, be it networking, researching, presentations, coaching of junior lawyers or something else.

2. Do pro bono work at least 2 hours per week. Research shows it makes you happier, plus there are lottos people who desperately needs you services. See it as a chance to develop new skills. If your law firm doesn't have a pro bono practice, set it up.

3. Quit your law firm. Yeah! Do your own thing. The legal sector is in desperate need for people with new ideas. It can be you! 


If you are interested in sparking more joy and meaning at your workplace, I do inspiration talks (also online) and would love to meet you!

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