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Adapting your yoga practice



Your body craves stillness

Go soft when you are on your period. 
Opt for stillness when you can.
Avoid inversions.
Don't hold your breath if you are practising pranayama.
You can practice yoga nidra to let your body rest. Yoga nidra is deeply relaxing. Nidra means sleep in Sanskrit so you know what to expect - it's as close to sleep as it gets. You can get a recorded yoga nidra session by Gentle Rev, custom-made for when you are on your period.

Image by Meriç Dağlı


Calmness and preparation

Are you pregnant?
The calming Ujjayi breath is super beneficial. Also, practice asanas like malasana and supported supta buddha konasana. A deeply relaxing yoga nidra can do wonders. You can get a tailor-made yoga nidra for pregnant women by Gentle Rev. You can also get private prenatal yoga classes.

Mother Doing Yoga with Baby


Restore and relax

If you recently gave birth, make sure you adapt your yoga practice. Depending on your specific needs, different yoga poses and practices will be beneficial. Yoga nidra is a healing practice if you are sleep deprived. 

Read Uma Dinsmore-Tuli's eye-opening book YONI SHAKTI to learn more.

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