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A new paradigm

In 2009, my then boyfriend got cancer. I remember asking the doctor if there was anything he should eat or avoid eating to stop the tumor from growing. I knew a bit already and was certain that the doctor would talk at length about how food affects our health. But he simply said "No you can eat anything. It doesn't make a difference". I felt disappointed and upset and even more so when they served sugary food in the hospital. 

I started reading the book Anti-cancer food. There was actually a lot of knowledge and there's even more today. 

Now I feel people are starting to open their eyes.  The issue for the longest time has been that it is in no ones interest to do research on why tomatoes are good for you. Big Pharma has a lot of interest in selling drugs. Food companies don't care about our health. The sweeter the food, the more addicted we get. It's in no ones interest to carry out research on something you can't patent or financially benefit from.



Ice cream you can eat for breakfast

We all feel guilty when bananas turn brown and we throw them away. Not good for the environment and not good for your wallet. Not very 2020. So here's how you can turn those mushy banans into a delicious dessert. 

Peel them, cut into pieces and freeze.

Take them out of the freezer, put them in your blender or mixer and mix until smooth. You can add a little nut butter, but you don't need any sugar. If you want chocolate ice cream, just add raw cacao.

That's it! Serve right away with cacao nibs.

You can also add frozen blueberries, dates, or matcha or anything else that sounds delicious.

Suits vegans, environmentally conscious people and all of us who think that four ingredients is already too much.

Vanilla Ice Cream


Mostly plant-based, always delicious



Pepstop is a bit like my second home. I've spent many many hours there. I've had probably over 100 meetings there. We've ordered xmas food from there. Cakes for birthdays. You get the picture. I can't get enough. Probably you won't either!



When I lived in Brussels this was my second home for years. Restaurant and grocery store in one. And I still miss it.


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