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We love you for reading this and being curious!! What is hardcore anyway?

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A couple of years ago I came up with a theory of the Spirituality Ladder (or if you prefer the New Age B.S. Ladder). The idea came to me when a friend of mine said a guy we both knew was into some New Age b***sh**. I was surprised because to me, they were just the same. 

Then it hit me. We're all on this ladder.

The first time you see people practicing yoga, bowing and saying namaste, it probably just looks weird and you think "Thank God I'm normal". Then maybe one day, you try it out and notice how good it makes you feel and you think "I wish everybody could discover yoga"! But then you still think the breathing exercises and burning incenses is taking

it too far. Until you try and feel the effects.

Perhaps one day, you look for guidance and turn to spiritual texts. Some parts of the Yoga Sutras might resonate with you. And up the ladder you climb, discovering more and more tools to give you more meaning, balance and awareness in life.

You feel like everyone below you is an earlier version of yourself and they have so much yummy stuff to discover. And when you look up, seeing people who are into stuff you're not familiar with, you dismiss it as New Age B.S.

I like to think a certain President is at the bottom of the ladder and perhaps Eckhart Tolle or Dalai Lama at the very top. 

I know what direction I wanna go!

Abstract Horizon


It surprises me every time I say this but the best business advise I've ever received comes from a psychic. And it's not because I don't have great advisors (I do and I value their advice). But the only one who immediately gets me, understands my desires and fears - without me having to explain anything - is a psychic. She makes sure I stay aligned, she knows how I best put my creativity to work and she knows what's holding me back and how to address that.

When I've gotten advice from others it can sometimes feel amazing and valuable. But I often find that I need to stay true to myself and not just follow someone else's idea on how to maximise profit (because that often tends to be the goal of advice). Maximising profit does not excite me, not my creativity and enthusiasm.

Surely, this is something for people with an openness and a nonjudgemental attitude. 

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Whaaaaat? YEAH.

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