An urgent need for innovation

Sure, we have elections but what are we choosing from? Most people I talk to feel the same frustration. People are tired of politicians without visions, only focusing on criticising each other. We are feeling frustrated and dejected as politicians over and over again prove themselves incapable of dealing with pressing challenges such as the climate crisis and integration.

So what's wrong? I believe the problem is structural.


Most politicians surely entered politics because they felt a calling. However, the design of the system make them focus on short-term gains as elections take place with short intervals. In that context, taking the necessary measures to deal with climate crisis has so far been a political suicide. So instead, before elections we get populistic promises. So void of meaning that you can't even tell the difference between the parties. No one seems able to deliver meaningful solutions to the big problems we are facing. It is safer to follow public opinion than to be proactive. Did they all forget their calling and get lost in the game? There is no courage to take unpopular (but urgent) long-term decisions. When the slightest mistake risks resulting in media criticism, it appears like most politicians are driven by fear and risk mitigation. Such strategy rarely leads to visionary long term policies. 

Due to its broken design, it just no longer feels as the arena to look for true leadership. It has made itself less relevant. Instead, if we look to companies and individual leaders for inspiration and change.​

Secondly, there is a lack of transparency. I used to work as a lobbyist as well as with lobbyists and have seen how strong financial interests influence politicians, the debate and public opinion. Politicians and professors are signing articles in return for cash. What happened to integrity?

Thirdly, we are are losing interest in politics. Although so many people, in particular young ones, are passionate about different societal issues, yet cannot imagine going into politics. Politicians have failed to use tech as a means to harbour and promote citizen engagement. 

Lastly, aren't we all tired of hearing leaders blame each other, blame the EU, not take responsibility... Instead of focusing on finding solutions.

So we agree that the current system is dysfunctional. It's no longer serving its purpose. Because, really, what is the aim of politics if not maximizing wellbeing for all?


Can't we just redesign our political system? Yes, let's redesign democracy! I can't think of anything more meaningful and urgent.

What do we want to achieve? ​

  • A system where politicians don't have to focus on being re-elected and instead can act with a long term perspective for the greater good.

  • Full transparency around lobbying and influencing of politicians.

  • A modern system making use of technology. It's 2020!

  • Incentives for collaborations, listening and vulnerability (transparency) instead of defensiveness, attacks and ego.

So how can we design that?


What if politicians rotated and were only allowed to serve a maximum number of years? Maybe they'd find the courage to address big problems. They would be more anchored in real life.


The EU initiated a system for transparency as there are many lobbyist groups in Brussels. Sweden could do something even better. Every company or organisation that meets with government officials or politicians would need to register and account for how they are financed. Similarly, all money transactions need to be displayed. When politicians write op eds, they should mention what other interests are behind.  


I always feel like things are happening. More and more companies are getting it (sustainability). But politicians are just lagging behind. Why are we not making use of tech? What a brilliant way to MAKE USE OF citizens' knowledge, activism and engagement. 


I also feel that the left and right scale is outdated. How many people truly feel like one of the sides it the right one? Let's skip left and right and think deeper. Think listening and collaboration. Maybe also the idea of having political parties isn't ideal either. I know many people myself included who don't identify with any of the parties. Don't we deserve something more inspiring? Alliances could be made depending on the issue. 

And seriously, instead of focusing on winning debates and criticising each other, what if politicians really listened to each other? We all have different perspectives and we all believe we are on the right side. So can we find compromises for the long-term good of all? Status quo is not an option so we might as well start testing new ways.


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Accountability of politicians and citizen's power

The failure to deal with climate change is a sad illustration of a deeply dysfunctional political system. Today, there's hardly one person who hasn't realised climate change is real. We crave solutions. We are willing to make changes in our lives - but we need guidance. We look to politicians but they are busy saving the airline industry and promoting growth. Is it reasonable that they are the last ones to wake up?

I believe political leaders should be held accountable. And I believe leaders' 'passivism' should be counteracted by citizens' sense of urgency and activism. We can't wait for slacking leaders. 


There's been evidence for decades. It's been alarming for a long time. Al Gore's Un Inconvenient Truth was released 2006. It was not even new then. The alarms started coming in 1988. What's the effects of climate change? If you're a Western political leader, perhaps the only effect is warmer summers. In other parts of the world, it's dramatic. Forecasts predict millions of climate refugees. 

Being a politicians is not a 9 to 5 job. It is a huge responsibility. It should be about making the world a better place. When the world is on fire, you act. Your next election results should be secondary.

There have been international courts set up for human rights violations. I believe the international community should set up a court to hold politicians accountable for not having timely acted to preserve our planet. It is an immense human rights issue. It affects millions of people and it has been neglected for decades. Politicians have had the power to act. They've had uniquely unanimous science to back up actions. Yet, not much happened. Sure, some showed leadership but big international summits have failed. Even today, the airline industry is receiving subsidies! Say what? Those money could make themselves useful somewhere else. 


Maybe you heard of the concept nudging? It's a way to say that you can design things to help people make better choices. So first, we redesign politics so that politicians are able to make good decisions. But actually, all of us can use the idea of nudging to improve reality. What if we designed society so that the cheapest and simplest choice was also the best one for the environment? Today processed meat, flights and fast fashion is cheap, nudging us to make decisions with a negative impact on our health and the planet. If you want to make good decisions today you need to be informed, you sometimes need deep pockets and it requires more effort of you. It should be the opposite. 

Society should be designed so that a lazy, ignorant and cheap person automatically makes the decision that benefits his or her health and the environment. It


So the idea of renting cars, bikes and clothes is out there and we love it. Let's go crazy with that brilliant idea. One thing I am waiting for is Apple leasing their phones. Today, we know an iPhone isn't a very sustainable product. After just a few years it slows down, shuts down or something else annoying. Something we know Apple has done on purpose. Also, what's the thing about changing the charger instead of letting people use their old ones. 

So basically if we have hardware companies leasing products, I promise you they will last longer. All of a sudden it is en Apple's interest to make it sustainable. Show the world you care. 


One way to make politicians act is to mobilise citizens. If we demand action for climate change for example, it becomes a less risky political action.

In the meantime, what can we all do as consumers and citizens? Actually, a lot. We vote every day without a ballot paper. You vote each time you choose the train over a flight. Or just travel less. You vote for the environment when you opt for plant-based organic food. You vote each time you buy second hand instead of new.

Be a conscious consumer. Ask questions. Hold companies accountable. Help them be sustainable. It shapes our society because ultimately, money talks. 

Let's look at our values, redesign our consumption patterns, and turn it into activism for a better future. 


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