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Spotting lies and practicing mindful self-compassion

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

Yesterday was pure magic. My new friend, Professor of Law Clark Freshman, a Stanford, Harvard and Oxford alumnus (yeees!) led sessions on How To Spot a Lie & Uncover the Truth and on Mindful Self-Compassion at the first event I hosted as a Founder of Gentle Rev.

Participants were diverse and included Swedish and international law firm partners, CEOs, entrepreneurs, psychologists, people in marketing and banking as well as students.

First, we learnt how to tell whether people are lying or not by looking for specific microexpressions in their faces. Actually, using the same skill, we are also able to show more empathy and connect on a deeper level with others. And sure, probably win negotiations and make the right recruitments too! During the second session, Prof. Freshman taught us a couple of different meditation techniques for self-love. We practiced breath awareness, loving kindess and mindful self-compassion. Prof. Freshman not only meditates on a daily basis, he also teaches mindful self-compassion to judges and attorneys in Silicon Valley.

Gentle Rev shares his values and the belief that the world will be a better place if we all took some time for stillness and meditation. Even busy lawyers. Or especially those! The truth is, if you feel good, it impacts everything you do. What a beautiful dream.

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